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NG–CDF Implementation Structure

  1. Devolution and Planning
    • NG-CDF Board is a fully fledged parastatal under the State Department responsible for National Economic Policy, Planning & Development under the Ministry of Devolution and Planning thus reports to the Cabinet Secretary who in turn reports to Parliament on matters touching on CDF.
  2. NG-CDF Board Functions:
    • To ensure timely and efficient disbursement of funds to every constituency
    • To ensure efficient management of the Fund
    • To consider project proposals submitted from various constituencies in accordance with the Act, approve for funding those project proposals that are consistent with the Act and send Funds to the respective constituency fund account of the approved projects
    • Co-ordinate the implementation of projects at the inter-constituency level
    • Receive and address complaints that may arise from the implementation of the Act
    • Encourage best practices in the implementation of projects
    • Administer the funds and assets of the Board in such manner and for such purpose as shall promote the best interest of the Board in accordance with the Act to ensure efficient management of the Fund
    • Perform such other duties as the Board may deem necessary from time to time for the proper management of the Fund
  3. NG-CDF Committees Functions:
    • To prioritize and approve all project proposals from all wards in the constituency and any other projects which the Constituency Development Fund Committee consider beneficial to the constituency
    • Consult with the relevant government departments to ensure that the cost estimates for the projects are as realistic as possible.
    • Rank project proposals in order of priority provided that ongoing projects shall take precedence.
    • Ensure preparation of reports and financial statements and submission to the Board.
    • Ensure that projects proposed for funding comply with the Act.
    • Monitor the implementation of projects.
    • Undertake reallocations, resubmissions of projects and requisitions for funds.
    • Responsible for preparation of strategic plan for the constituency.
    • Recommend to the Board the removal of a member of the CDFC in line with Section 43 sub sections 10-15 of the Act.
    • Ensure recruitment of competent staff in compliance with the Act.
    • Responsible for responding to any audit queries.
    • Ensure capacity building of the PMCs.
    • Disburse funds to the PMCs and oversee the implementation of the projects.
    • Receive returns from PMCs on project implementation.
    • Ensure successful closure of all CDF projects.
    • Ensure preparation of work plans and cash flow projections and submitted to the Board
  4. Project Management Committees Functions:
    • To implement projects with the assistance of the relevant Government department.
    • To be in charge of sustenance of CDF financed projects after completion.
    • To prepare project work plan and budget.
    • To prepare documents e.g. drawings and designs , Bills of Quantity.
    • To open and maintain an independent project bank account for CDF projects.
    • To maintain proper financial and procurement records and conduct project monitoring and evaluation.
    • To ensure project security
    • To mobilize and sensitize the community on project identification, implementation and sustainability.
    • PMC reports to CDFCs through filing returns on project implementation.