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NG-CDF Committees Functions:

  • To prioritize and approve all project proposals from all wards in the constituency and any other projects which the Constituency Development Fund Committee consider beneficial to the constituency
  • Consult with the relevant government departments to ensure that the cost estimates for the projects are as realistic as possible.
  • Rank project proposals in order of priority provided that ongoing projects shall take precedence.
  • Ensure preparation of reports and financial statements and submission to the Board.
  • Ensure that projects proposed for funding comply with the Act.
  • Monitor the implementation of projects.
  • Undertake reallocations, resubmissions of projects and requisitions for funds.
  • Responsible for preparation of strategic plan for the constituency.
  • Recommend to the Board the removal of a member of the CDFC in line with Section 43 sub sections 10-15 of the Act.
  • Ensure recruitment of competent staff in compliance with the Act.
  • Responsible for responding to any audit queries.
  • Ensure capacity building of the PMCs.
  • Disburse funds to the PMCs and oversee the implementation of the projects.
  • Receive returns from PMCs on project implementation.
  • Ensure successful closure of all CDF projects.
  • Ensure preparation of work plans and cash flow projections and submitted to the Board