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The National Assembly Select Committee on National Government CDF Functions:

  • To oversee the implementation of this Act and in this respect, shall after every two years submit a report to the National Assembly and where necessary, propose any amendments to this Act, in particular, with respect to the quantum of funds repayable into the Fund in accordance with section 4 of the Act;
  • To oversee the policy framework and legislative matters that may arise in relation to the Fund;
  • To continually review the frame set out for the efficient delivery of development programmes financed through the Fund;
  • To consider and report to the National Assembly, with recommendations, names of persons required to be approved by the National Assembly under this Act; and
  • To carry out any other functions relevant to the work of the Fund.



             1)   Hon.Richard Maoka Maore-Chairperson

2)   Hon.Omar Mohamed Maalim Hassan-Vice Chairperson

3)   Hon. Fred Kapondi Chesebe

4)   Hon. Richard Nyagaka Tongi

5)   Hon. Sharif Athman Ali

6)   Hon. Benjamin Gathiru Mwangi

7)   Hon. Mary Wamaua Waithira

8)   Hon. Janet Jepkemboi Sitiienei

9)   Hon. Sophia Abdi Noor

10)         Hon.Emmanuel Wangwe

11)         Hon.Johana Ngeno

12)         Hon.Moses Lessonet

13)         Hon. Alfa Ondieki Miruka

14)         Hon. Titus Khamala

15)         Hon. Fred Ouda

16)         Hon. Mishi Mboko

17)         Hon.Mwalyo Joshua

18)         Hon.Kassim Sawa Tangaza

19)   Hon.Ferdinand Wanyonyi