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Malindi Constituency

About Malindi Constituency

The Mandate of the Board

The NG-CDF Board is the organ responsible for the overall management of the Fund at the National level. It ensures that administration of the fund is done efficiently and effectively.

Malindi constituency.

Malindi constituency is one of the seven constituencies in Kilifi county, coast region. The other constituencies are Kilifi North, Kilifi South, Kaloleni, Ganze, Rabai and Magarini. The constituency is indicated as 016 according to the IEBC index code.  Malindi borders Kilifi North in the south, Ganze constituency in the south west and Magarini in the north. In the west Malindi constituency borders Tsavo East national park.

a)    Political administration.

The constituency is divided into 5 wards namely Jilore, Kakuyuni, Ganda, Malindi Town and Shella.

b)   Demographic distribution by ward(Source 2009 Population Census)


Name of ward




















Malaindi Town









 The constituency is unique in that it has rural wards, urban wards and semi-urban/semi-rural wards. The urban wards are cosmopolitan in nature with high population densities. These wards are fairly developed, they have the basic infrastructure such as tarmac road, piped water, schools, and electricity.

The rural ones are less populated and the population is distributed. They also lack most of the infrastructural development.On the other hand the semi-urban/semi-rural are wards relatively lie in between the rural and urban characteristics in almost all characteristics. Those that border the rural areas tend to be more rural and vice-versa. Malindi constituency has a total population of 162,712 people according to 2009 population census. This population is projected to reach 215,073 by this year (2017). Out of this figure, 102,906 are males and 112,167 are females. The registered voters in the constituency according to (IEBC 2013 Kilifi office) are 54,811. This is 72% of the eligible voters in the constituency.

c)    Area

The constituency covers a total area of   627.20 square kilometres. Out of this total area of 627.2 km2, 88% or 546.90km2 is occupied by the two rural wards, Jilore and Kakuyuni. These areas are classified as ASAL (arid and semi-arid lands). However, the Sabaki River passes through these two wards as it enters the Indian Ocean. 

d)   Economic Activities.

The major economic activity for Malaindi constituency is tourism and fishing in the Indian Ocean and along river Sabaki. There is also dairy farming in high rainfall areas along the coastal plain. Apart from these two economic activities, there is a thriving horticultural farming in most parts of Malindi (growing of manages, cashew nuts and coconuts) and other horticultural crops while the sweetest pineapples in Kenya which are cultivated in the neighbouring constituency of Magarini are sold in Malaindi.

But it is Tourism that has impacted all the economic sectors in the constituency, even in the rural areas (evidenced by the many hotels and tourists’ centres that dot the coastal line and Malindi town). The major tourist attraction sites include the sand beaches in the Indian Ocean the Malindi marine national park, Vasco Da Gama pillar, Arabuko Sokoke forest and the tourist hotels and villas that dot the Indian Ocean and Malindi town as a whole.

e)   Emerging issues.

The national government is upgrading the Malindi–Sala gate –Voi road to bitumen standards. The road will shorten the distance between Malindi and voi by more than 100km. This road trunk will greatly complement growth in the tourism industry and open up the rural areas for development. Another activity that is bound to complement growth in the tourism industry is the planned expansion of the Malindi airport to international standards. This will enable direct flights to and from Europe.

The national government in conjunction with NG-CDF has also completed the construction of Weru Technical Training Institute at Baolala on the Malindi–Sala gate –Voi road (the road being tarmacked).  The institute will open up the rural areas of Jilore ward.

The road will also ensure that horticultural farmers have faster and ease access to markets in Malindi, Kilifi, and even Mombasa. It will also serve the Galana Kulalu irrigation scheme.

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