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Makueni Constituency

Makueni Constituency.
Makueni Constituency.

About Makueni Constituency

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Makueni Constituency is an electoral constituency number 086.

It is one of the six constituencies in Makueni County with a population of about 243,219 and an area of 2,010 Sq. Kms.

The constituency was established for the 1966 elections and comprises 7 wards under the leadership of Hon. Daniel Kitonga Maanzo as Member of Parliament.


 It comprises the following county assembly wards.

1.      Wote Ward (County Assembly Ward No. 0424 comprises Nziu, Unoa, and Kamunyolo Sub - Locations of Makueni County.

2.      Muvau/Kikumini Ward (County Assembly Ward No. 0425) comprises Kikumini, Kambimawe, Mumbuni, Muvau, Itaa and Kitonyoni Sub - Locations of Makueni County.

3.      Mavindini Ward (County Assembly Ward No. 0426) comprises Yekanga, Kanthuni, Ivinganzia, Mavindini, Muusini, Kiunoni and Katithi Sub - Locations of Makueni County.

4.      Kitise/Kithuki Ward (County Assembly Ward No. 0427) comprises Mwania, Kitise, Kimundi, Kithuki and Yinthungu Sub - Locations of Makueni County.

5.      Kathonzweni Ward (County Assembly Ward No. 0428) comprises Kiangini, Kituluni, Kwa Kavisi, Thavu, Ituka and Kavingoni Sub - Locations of Makueni County.

6.      Nzaui/Kalamba (County Assembly Ward No. 0429)

7.      Mbitini (County Assembly Ward No. 0430)

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