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Gichugu Constituency

Gichugu Constituency.
Gichugu Constituency.

About Gichugu Constituency

Gichugu Constituency is one of the four electoral zones in Kirinyaga County and it is the second largest in voter population after Mwea Constituency.In the last boundaries review, it was divided into  five  wards;These are;  Kabare, Karumandi, Baragwi, Ngariama and Njuki Ini.Kabare Ward is the largest, both by geographical size and population. It has a population of 38,489 people and it is 62.5 square kilometers. This is basically a tea and coffee zone with horticultural farming doing well in some areas.It is made up of Rukenya, Kiritini, Ngiroche, Mikarara, Mutige and Gachigi sub locations. Like Kabare, Ngariama Ward is also a tea and coffee zone but horticultural farming here does better and has created many jobs for the youth. It is on the Northern side of the Constituency. The population here is 18,064 people and its size is 38 square kilometers. It is made up of Rung’eto, Kabari, Thirikwa and NyangeniKarumandi Wardmeasures 38.6 square kilometers and there are 23,902 people. This is a tea and coffee zone with dairy farming also doing well. Crops such as cabbages, tomatoes, water melons and sukuma wiki are the favourite horticultural crops here. It is made up of Thumaita, Kariru, Kiaruri and Guama Sub–Locations Njuki Ini Ward is vast and one of the more marginalized areas in the Constituency. It measures 60 square kilometers and experiences longer dry spells. Coffee is the main cash crop and has a huge opportunity for horticultural farming due to the hot weather. There are 24,190 people in the ward. Ngerwe, Mirichi, Kanjuu and Ngiriambu Sub–Locations make up the ward. Baragwi Ward is where the Constituency Headquarters, Kianyaga Town, is. It is also a coffee zone with small scale horticultural farming taking place. It is the smallest in size at 30.8 square kilometers and a population of 30.8 square  kilometers. Its sub locations are Rwambiti, Thimu, Gatu and Raimu.

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