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Kigumo Constituency

Kigumo NG CDF Social Hall Kigumo NG CDFC Members_2016_17 Njiiri School- Biogus Generating Plant Ndugamano Pri School-CDF & Safaricom Kigumo Constituency.
Kigumo NG CDF Social Hall
Kigumo Social Hall, can hold a seating Capacity of 1,500 people. Its equipped with Public Address System and Both gender Changing rooms and ICT centre at the basement
Kigumo NG CDFC Members_2016_17
Kigumo NG CDF members_2017_18
Njiiri School- Biogus Generating Plant
Construction of Biogus Generating plant at Njiiri School
Ndugamano Pri School-CDF & Safaricom
Kigumo NG CDF and Safaricom Ltd, Patnership to supppy and install fully Equipped Computer laboratory
Kigumo Constituency.

About Kigumo Constituency

About Kigumo Constituency





The National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NG-CDF) formerly Constituencies Development Fund (CDF), is a fund established in 2003 through an Act of Parliament, the CDF Act 2003. The Act was later reviewed by the CDF (Amendment) Act 2007, and repealed by CDF Act, 2013 which was subsequently succeeded by the current NG-CDF (Amendment) Act 2016 .


The Fund is domiciled within the ministry in charge of national economic policy and planning, currently the Ministry of Devolution and Planning.


The main purpose of the Fund is to enhance infrastructural and socio-economic development at the grass root level in order to reduce poverty by dedicating a minimum of two and half per cent (2.5%) of all National Government’s share of annual revenue towards community projects identified at constituency level by the communities. 


 Who manages the Fund?


The Fund is managed by the National Government Constituencies Development Fund Board, which is a body corporate with perpetual succession and common seal. The Board operates at national level, and comprises of the Board of Directors and a Secretariat.


 Composition of the Board


The Board of Directors is comprised of:


  1.         The Principal Secretary in the Ministry for the time being responsible for matters relating to national economic policy and planning or a designated alternate;
  2.         The Principal Secretary in the Ministry for the time being responsible for matters relating to finance or a designated alternate;
  3.         The Principal Secretary in the Ministry responsible for matters relating to education or a designated alternate;
  4.         The Attorney General or a designated alternate not being below the level of Senior State Counsel;
  5.          Five other persons, three of whom must be of the opposite gender and at least one being a person with disability, qualified in matters relating to finance, accounting, engineering, economics, community development, public affairs, project management or law appointed by the Cabinet Secretary with the approval of the National Assembly; and
  6.         The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is an ex officio member.


 Mandate and Functions of the Board


The Board derives its mandate from the NG-CDF (Amendment) Act 2016 . Specifically, the functions of the Board are to:


  1.         Consider project proposals submitted from various constituencies in accordance with the Act, approve for funding those projects proposals that are consistent with the Act and send funds to the respective constituency fund account with respect to the approved projects.
  2.          Ensure timely and efficient disbursement of funds to every constituency;
  3.          Ensure efficient management of the Fund;
  4.          Co-ordinate the implementation of projects at the inter-constituency level;
  5.          Receive and address complaints that may arise from the implementation of the Act;
  6.          Encourage best practices in the implementation of projects;
  7.         Administer the funds and assets of the Board in such manner and for such purpose as shall promote the best interest of the Board in accordance with the Act to ensure efficient management of the Fund; and
  8.         Perform such other duties as the Board may deem necessary from time to time for the proper management of the Fund


 The Funds Journey;


Since 2003/04, the Fund supported projects mainly in the areas of education, health, agriculture, roads, security, environment and sports. However, the NG-CDF (Amendment) Act 2016  introduces a major shift in the scope of projects eligible for funding. Under this Act only projects falling within the functions of the National Government as outlined in the Constitution of Kenya will be funded. This effectively means that moving forward, the Fund will concentrate primarily on education, security, sports, environment sectors and other national government residual functions.

Contacts Details

Postal Address:
Physical Address:
Email: cdfkigumo@cdf.go.ke


Name Financial Year Description
Muthithi Sec School Bus Project 2015/16 Purchase of a School Bus together with PTA View
Githembe Shopping Centre Solar Flood light 2015/16 Installation of 20M Solar Powered Floodlight View
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