KEY ACHIEVEMENTS OF NG-CDF 2017/2018 to 2021/2022

KEY ACHIEVEMENTS OF NG-CDF 2017/2018 to 2021/2022


Bursary Programme

About 6 million students benefited from the NG-CDF bursary programme which was allocated a cumulative of Kshs.57 billion over the last 5 years.

Infrastructural development in Secondary and Primary Schools

The Fund financed construction of a number of learning facilities in both secondary and primary schools across the nation over the last five years. These include: –

  • Construction of 24,020 new classrooms, thereby, creating an estimated capacity for 1,080,900 students.
  • Construction of 1,156 new dormitories with a cumulative capacity of 138,732 students.
  • Construction of 3,288 new administration blocks
  • Construction of 131 new libraries
  • Construction and equipping of 1,397 new laboratories
  • Construction of 19,400 new pit latrines (toilets)
  • Construction of 833 new dining halls
  • Construction of 876 new staff houses
  • Purchase of 961 new buses

Infrastructural development in Kenya Medical Training Colleges

NG-CDF implemented the following projects in various Kenya Medical Training Colleges across the country over the last 5 years: –

  • Construction of new 190 lecture halls
  • Construction of 67 new administration block.

Infrastructural development in Tertiary Training Institutions

Other tertiary institutions such as Technical Training Institutes, vocational training institutions among others also benefited from the NG-CDF in the past five years.

During this period, the Fund implemented the following projects in various tertiary institutions: –

  • Construction of 10 lecture halls
  • Construction of 74 administration blocks.


Some of the projects implemented by the NG-CDF from 2017/18 to 2021/22 financial year in the security sector include: –

  • Construction of 193 new National Government Administration Offices at the sub-county level
  • Construction of 2,102 new chief’s/assistant chief’s offices and camps
  • Construction of 1,091 new police offices.
  • Construction of 350 new staff (police) houses
  • Construction of 2,512 new pit latrines/toilets in security facilities.


The Figure below illustrates the percentage allocation to the various sectors from 2017/2018 to 2021/2022 Financial Years.

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