I love traveling. Whether it’s for work or pleasure; I always find ways of enjoying all the places I visit. This past weekend my destination was Narok West, for work purposes not leisure but I had fun all the same. My colleagues, Members of the National Government CDF Board and the Members of parliament select committee on National Government CDF, headed on a project inspection tour in Narok West constituency. Project inspection tours are important as they allow listening, gaining further understanding, identifying existing and potential hazards and recommending corrective action on a timely basis. National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NG-CDF) formally Constituencies Development Fund (CDF), is a fund that was established in 2003 through an Act of Parliament.

This Act was later succeeded by the current NG-CDF Act 2015 and its main purpose is to enhance socio-economic development at the constituency level in order to reduce poverty. The fund is managed by the National Government CDF Board (NG-CDF Board) and among the many functions of the Board is Monitoring and Evaluation which was our main reason for the trip to Narok West Constituency.

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