Training for NG-CDF Commitee Members

Training for NG-CDF Commitee Members

We are happy to announce the successful completion of the nationwide training for National Government Constituencies Development Fund Committees (NG-CDFCs), including Fund Account Managers and National Sub County Accountants.

Over the past few weeks, we had the privilege of training 3190 NG-CDFC members from all parts of the country.The trainings were held in ELdoret,Embu,Garissa and Mombasa.

During the training, we covered critical areas such as public finance, project planning, procurement, complaint management, performance management, and record-keeping, among other areas, to equip them with the prerequisite knowledge and skills to ensure effective and efficient management of NG-CDF in all the 290 constituencies. We are committed to ensuring socio-economic development countrywide and this comprehensive training will certainly aid us towards that goal.

We appreciate the dedication and enthusiasm of all participants and would like to thank everyone who made this incredible milestone possible. We promise to continue guiding and providing capacity-building opportunities for our staff and committees to better serve our stakeholders.

Join us on this journey towards the realization of the NG-CDF vision of having equitable socio-economic development countrywide and supporting the national development agenda.
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