Vision 2030 & Medium Term Plans

NG-CDF Contribution to Vision 2030 and the third Medium term Plan

Education SectorConstructed 21,034 number of classrooms therefore providing room for about 1M more students

Bursary Programme and transition rates-Bursary provision to about 1 million students in every Financial Year therefore increasing retention

Heath Insurance Subsidy Programme73,257 families have benefited under the Social Security Programme.

Restoration of forest coverPlanted trees in 1,630 sites annually

Construction of Youth Empowerment CentersConstructed 16 Youth Empowerment Centers

Law CourtsSupported infrastructural development in 76 Constituencies

HousingConstruction of 627 Houses for Police Officers

                  – Construction of 763 Houses for Teachers

Tertiary Training Institutions130 TTIs have continued to provide technical skills necessary for the Manufacturing Sector

Health Training28 KMTCs have continued to provide skills necessary for the Health Sector

Constituency Innovation Hubs119 Constituency Innovation Hubs are operational

Security SectorConstruction of National Government Administration Offices – 2133 Office Blocks

                                -Police Post/Camps – 428

Economic EmpowermentProvided employment opportunities (Artisans)

                                                      -30% Procurement opportunities to preserved to youths and PWDs

                                                      -Promoted market for local materials and support local entrepreneurs