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Equitable socio-economic development coutrywide.


To Provide Leadership and Policy direction for effective and efficient management of the Fund.

Core Values

  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Professionalsm and Integrity
  • Commitment and Teamwork
  • Neutrality and Objectivity
  • Timeliness and Excellence
  • Advocacy For Citizen Participation


The National Government Constituencies Development Fund (NGCDF) is established under the NG-CDF Act, 2015 as amended in 2016. The main purpose of the Fund is to address socio-economic development of the people at the constituency level in order to reduce poverty and enhance regional equity. The NG-CDF Act 2015 aligned the operations of the Fund to the new constitutional dispensation especially in terms of ensuring that the law strongly embraces the principles of participation of the people, separation of powers, and delineation of functions between National and County governments.

The Fund is domiciled within the ministry in charge of National Economic Policy & Planning, currently The National Treasury and Planning & Managed by The National Government CDF Board at the National level, the NG-CDF committees at the constituency level and the project Management Committees(PMC) at the constituency level.

       Implementation Structure

  • The Fund is managed by the National Government CDF Board at the National level, the NG-CDF committees at the constituency level and the Project Management Committees (PMC) at the community level
  • The NG-CDF Board is a body corporate falling under the Ministry of Devolution and Planning. The Ministry ensures budgetary provisions and offers policy direction to the Fund
  • The National Treasury finances the NG-CDF budgets and provides financial guidelines for effective and efficient management of the Fund
  • The National Government CDF committees develops project proposals in consultation with wananchi through periodic ward level open forums, submits them to the NG-CDF Board for approval and facilitates the PMCs in the planning, implementation, and sustenance of the projects once completed
  • The project Management committees and the NG-CDF committees collaborates for efficient project management through technical support of relevant government department within the sub-county

Mandate and Functions of the Board

The Board derives its mandate from the NG-CDF (Amendment) Act 2016 . Specifically, the functions of the Board are to:

  1. Consider project proposals submitted from various constituencies in accordance with the Act, approve for funding those projects proposals that are consistent with the Act and send funds to the respective constituency fund account with respect to the approved projects.
  2. Ensure timely and efficient disbursement of funds to every constituency.
  3. Ensure efficient management of the Fund.
  4. Co-ordinate the implementation of projects at the inter-constituency level.
  5. Receive and address complaints that may arise from the implementation of the Act.
  6. Encourage best practices in the implementation of projects.
  7. Administer the funds and assets of the Board in such manner and for such purpose as shall promote the best interest of the Board in accordance with the Act to ensure efficient management of the Fund.
  8. Perform such other duties as the Board may deem necessary from time to time for the proper management of the Fund.

A Service Charter is a public commitment by a public organisation to deliver high quality services to its customers. The Service Charter of the
National Government Constituencies Development Fund Board is aimed at enlightening our customers that include all other stakeholders
• Who we are;
• Our vision statement;
• Our mission statement;
• Our core values;
• What we do;
• Our organization structure;
• Our stakeholders;
• Our strategic objectives, initiatives and activities;
• Our commitment to you;
• Customers rights;
• Customers obligations;
• How you can help us;
• Our service guarantee;
• Our service standards;
• How we will be accountable;
• Feedback on our service;
• Review of our Service Charter; and
• Our Contacts
We also present this Service Charter to show and outline our commitment to you, our customers as a reflection of our dedication to excellence in service delivery. The Service Charter sets out the service standards that you can expect when you deal with the Board, it identifies your responsibilities and seeks your indulgence in maintaining the standards and provides mechanism for receiving complaints and how to re-dress them should things go wrong.

National Government Constituencies Development Fund Board (NG-CDF Board) is established under Section 14 (1) of the National Government Constituencies Development Fund Act, 2015. The Board is charged with the responsibility of administering the Constituencies Development Fund (the Fund).

The NG-CDF Board is a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal and is capable of suing and being sued; taking, purchasing or otherwise acquiring, holding, charging or disposing of movable and immovable property; borrowing money or making investment; and doing or performing all other acts or things for the proper performance of its functions under the Act which may lawfully be done or performed by a body corporate.

Equitable socio-economic development countrywide

To provide leadership and policy direction for effective and efficient management of the Fund

Our service charter embodies the national values and principles of governance espoused in article 10 of the constitution through our core values as stated below;
Transparency and accountability – we uphold high standards of transparency, accountability, equity, and inclusiveness in the service of the
Professionalism and integrity – we are committed to acting at all times with honesty, fairness and professionalism Commitment and teamwork– we have a strong commitment to teamwork with the Board and commitment to our stakeholders
Neutrality and objectivity – we promote development activities that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of
future generations to meet their own needs.
Timeliness and excellence – we adhere to prompt delivery of service
Advocacy and citizen participation – We involve citizens in making decisions about programmes we fund.

• Ensuring timely and efficient disbursement of funds to each constituency.
• Ensuring efficient management of the Fund.
• Receiving and discussing reports and returns from the constituencies
• Ensuring compilation of proper records, returns and reports from the constituencies.
• Receiving and addressing complaints and disputes and taking appropriate action.
• Receiving, considering and approving funding of proposals submitted from various constituencies in
accordance with the NG-CDF Act, 2015.
• Disburse funds of the approved proposal to the respective constituencies’ accounts.
• Referring issues of policy nature arising in the course of the performance of the functions to the National
Assembly Select Committee for direction.
• Approving each and every payment from the Fund.
• Appointing the Chief Executive Officer and other Senior Management Staff of the Fund.
• Recommending to the Cabinet Secretary the setting of sitting allowances of members of the National
Government Constituencies Development Fund Committees, Heads of Government Department involved in
NG-CDF projects and Project Management Committees.
• Submitting on quarterly basis to the National Assembly Select Committee on the National Government Constituencies Development Fund, a summary of Projects Proposals received in the previous month, indicating approval status, a summary of status of disbursements to constituencies, and summary of status
of disbursement from The National Treasury to the NG-CDF Board Account at the Central Bank of Kenya.

• The Public and Community Groups.
• State Department responsible for National Economic Policy, Planning
and Development under The National Treasury & Planning.
• Attorney General.
• Clerk of National Assembly.
• Parliament.
• National Assembly Select Committee.
• Members of National Assembly.
• National Government Constituency Development Fund Committees.
• Project Management Committees.
• District Accountants.
• Provincial Administration i.e. Chiefs.
• Controller of Budget.
• Auditor General.
• Internal Auditor General.
• Procurement Appeal, Complaints and Review Board.
• Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission.
• Civil Societies.
• Criminal Investigation Department of the Police.
• International Community and Development partners.
• Private Sector.
• Suppliers.
• Staff.

We are committed to respect the right of our customers and other stakeholders, including the right to access services, the right to give feedback and lodge complaints, the right to privacy and confidentiality and the right to access information.
We are committed specifically to the following customers’ rights:
• Information: you are entitled to complete, accurate and timely information.
• Identification: You have the right to request for identity of the officer(s) serving you.
• Communication: It is your right to be treated with respect and to have information adduced from you to be treated
• Enquiries: You are entitled to make enquiries at any time within the official working hours and to raise genuine complaints.
• Courtesy: It is your right to be treated politely and with courtesy.
• Services: You have a right to quality and timely services.
• Payment: You have a right to be paid and demand your payment for goods delivered and services rendered.
• Criticism: You have the right to engage us in constructive criticism.

• Information: You are obliged to provide accurate and timely information to facilitate us provide you with services. Where called
upon to provide information, you are obliged to disclose and produce all relevant information, records and supporting documents.
• Courtesy and Respect: You are obliged to be courteous and respectful to our staff.
• Rules and Regulations: You are obliged to acquaint yourself with the rules, regulations and other legal instruments which govern the operation of the Board.
• Payment of Fees: You are obliged to demand a receipt upon payment of any monies that may be chargeable for the services rendered by the Board.
• Punctuality: You are obliged to attend our meetings and honour appointments as scheduled.
• Fighting Corruption: It is your obligation to help the Board combat corruption by not offering inducement by way of gifts offered to staff, or to solicit the same from staff. In return to report any case of corruption to the Chief Executive Officer of the Secretariat or Chairperson of the Board.

How you can help us serve you better:
• We welcome your views and comments as a vital ingredient in helping us to monitor and improve the relevance and quality of our service to the community.
• We will consider all suggestions fully and promptly in our planning for service improvement and, wherever possible we will respond immediately.
• We may occasionally seek your input to random surveys of how the community perceive our services and what services they need, including assessment of our performance. We expect your honest input.
• Let us know as soon as possible when we do not meet your expectations. We will investigate your complaint and tell you what we have done to resolve it.
• To help us give you the best possible service, we welcome suggestions for improvement to address any difficulties you are experiencing.
• We will try to resolve complaints satisfactorily and promptly. You can help us, by providing clear details or relevant facts, persons and dated when you make a complaint.
• Complaints should be made to the person you have been dealing with, with a copy to the person’s supervisor or sent to our chief Executive Officer or posted to our mailing address.
To help us help you, we ask you to:
• Treat our staff with courtesy and respect;
• Attend scheduled meetings punctually;
• Respond to request for information accurately, thoroughly and in a timely manner;
• Provide us with changes in your circumstances promptly;
• Abide by any and all legal requirements and other obligations that clients are to meet in order to be eligible for services

To fulfil our service guarantee to you we are committed to having a well trained and motivated staff. We are also committed to develop and maintain an open and accountable culture that is fair and reasonable in dealing with our customers.
In this regard, we will provide you with quality service by:
• Providing you with courteous and responsible service.
• Working with you to help you delineate your community based development and poverty reduction projects requirements.
• Recognizing that our customers have different needs and personalizing our services and advise in ways that fit those needs.
• Providing you with clear, accurate, timely and relevant information.
• Being clear and helpful in our dealings with you, and giving reasons for our decisions.
• Respecting the confidentiality of our customers when releasing information and using it only in accordance with the Law. All
employees are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.
• Referring inquiries where we do not have immediate answers to proper sources for guidance.
• Presenting our responses to your inquiries in a timely manner with the length of time dependent on the query.
• Ensuring that our website is user friendly and well formatted.

• Fill in the complaints form provided on our website and at our office and if necessary submit a further written and
signed narration with all the relevant documentations attached.
• The complaint is received and acknowledged within five days of receipt.
• We will try to resolve complaints satisfactorily and promptly. You can help us, by providing clear details or relevant facts, persons and dates when you make a complaint.
• Complaints should be made or sent to our Chief Executive Officer through our mailing address.
• The complaint is then investigated to verify facts therein and internal auditors sent to the area in case of fraud.
• All complaints are analyzed and tabled before the Complaints and Arbitration Committee for deliberation and recommendation to the Board on the possible remedies.
• Board decision is communicated to the complainant promptly but not later than 14 days from the date the Board passed resolution.
• Incase the complainant is dissatisfied with the Board decision, he or she is allowed to appeal to the Minister in charge of CDF to appoint an arbitration panel to consider and determine the matter before the same is referred to court.

The matrix below shows processing time and standards of our service when we interact with our customers. We aim to process 100% of the cases within these service standards. However, the service standards are indicative only. Individual
cases may be decided in longer or shorter periods depending on a range of factors, individual circumstances and complexity of each case

Service Principles Service Standards
Service Principles Service Standards
Our telephone will be answered promptly.
-We will make sure that our telephone exchange are efficient
-We will respond to your call within three (3) rings.
-We will be courteous, professional and helpful.
-When answering the telephone, we will provide you with our name.
-When we call you, we will provide you with our name and work areas and tell you why we are calling.
-We will be accessible by telephone during business hours.
-All departmental business areas will have telephone services options during business hours: from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm with 1 hour lunch break on working days. Monday to Friday. The offices are closed on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.
-We will respond to your telephone messages within one (1) working day
In person Service
We will assist you promptly
-We will make sure that we have a general reception in all our entry point to receive our customers
-Our staff manning general receptions will wear name tag badges for ease of identifications
-We will serve you within ten (10) minutes of your arrival, if you have an appointment
– We will serve you within twenty (20) minutes of your arrival, if you do not have an appointment.
– We will advise you, in advance, about any unexpected delays in attending to you.
We will be accessible • All departmental business areas will have in person service option.
-Our offices will be clean and comfortable, have clear language signage and current, relevant information.
Written Communication
-We will respond to your correspondence promptly.
-We will reply to all correspondence in a timely way using the most appropriate
contact method- telephone, email, in-person or in writing.
-We will acknowledge email requests within one (1) working day of recipient, and
provide you with a likely timeframe for our full response.
-We will be courteous, professional and helpful.
-We will provide accurate, helpful and timely response that is relevant to your needs.
-We will identify ourselves and provide contact details in our written
-We will record all your correspondences on departmental databases and filling
We will be accessible in writing.
-All departmental business areas will have mail contact options.
– We will use out of office email messages when away from the office, and provide
you with alternative contact details.
Projects Applications and Decisions
We will acknowledgeapplications promptly and inform you about the
assessment process.
-We will acknowledge all applications within seven (7) working days when we
make a decision in that time.
-We will provide you with details of any outstanding requirements, next step and
likely processing time in a timely manner.
We will be courteous, professional and helpful.
• We will identify ourselves and provide you with options contacting us.
• We will let you know how and when you need to provide information to us.
• Where you have a nominated representative, we will communicate with your
We will be open and accountable and tell you the reason for our decision.
• We will provide you with clear and timely reasons for our decision and advise you of any review rights.

Our Information
We will provide clear, accurate, helpful and consistent information.
-We will regularly review and update information to ensure it is current and meets your needs and expectations.
-Our website will be updated regularly with the latest information
Your Feedback 
We value your compliments, complaints and suggestions
-We will invite feedback and provide appropriate contact details in our client
-We will acknowledge customer feedback within three (3) working days of receipt
-We will resolve customer feedback received via the web, email, written and
telephone within ten (10) working days
We will use your feedback to improve our services
-We will maintain and report on all feedback and consider this reviewing and
improving our services.
Procurement of Goods and Services 
Tenders and Pre-qualified suppliers
-We will pre-qualify suppliers and use a competitive tendering process in the
procurement of goods and services as provided for in the Public Procurement and
Disposal Act 2015 and its Regulations.
-We will be transparent and fair when dealing with suppliers. we will inform all
tenderers of the outcome of a tender within three (3) days of amending of
quotation and issuance of LPO, LSO
-We will communicate within three (3) days after expiry of the 21 days approval
period for Tender Awards.
-We will publish in our website quarterly all contracts awarded during the period
and year to date.


-We will make prompt payment for goods and services that are received and
properly invoiced with all applicable supportive documents
-Except where a written contract provides otherwise, we will make payments for
goods and services delivered within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of
receipt of invoice provided all supporting documentation are proper.
-Where there are doubts on the amounts claimed, we will inform the supplier of our concerns within seven (7) calendar days from the date of receipt of invoice and
request for verification.
-We will resolve written customer feedbacks received via letter, fax or courier
within seven (7) calendar days.

We undertake to:
• Monitor our performance against the standards set out in this Service Charter.
• We welcome feedback on our performance, and suggestions for improvement from our customers, stakeholders and
the public.
• Provide explanations when our services do not meet acceptable standards of quality, timeliness or accuracy.
• Formally review the standards set out in this Service Charter once a year and adjust them where appropriate in light of
your comments and in response to ongoing changes.

Suggestions on improvement of our services are welcome. You have a right to complain over services which you are
unhappy with. We will treat your complaints positively and seriously and shall give you a timely response while at the
same time, if need be, review our internal processes accordingly.

We will, in consultation with our stakeholders, review this Service Charter annually and carry out an independent review
every three (3) years to ensure that our service delivery remains relevant to our customers and other stakeholders.

You can download our service charter by clicking on this link charter


  • Pursuant to section 11 Of NG-CDF Act 2015 ; the Fund is audited by the Auditor General who reports to Parliament annually
  • Further, the sub-county internal auditors in every constituency track the utilization of the Fund and regularly reports to the National Treasury with a copy to the NG-CDF Board.
  • In line with section 16 (b) of NG-CDF Act 2015 the Board has established its own internal audit department that reviews constituency accounts and provides assurance on efficient utilization of the Fund.

Representation, Legislation and Oversight Structure

National Assembly allocates Funds to NG-CDF through the Vote Head of the Ministry of Devolution and Planning in line with the annual budgetary cycle

  • The National Assembly ensures appropriate legal framework is in place for effective management of the Fund
  • Through the National Assembly Select Committee on NG-CDF oversees the policy framework for efficient management of the Fund
  • Through the Auditor General’s annual report to the Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) and the Parliamentary investment committee (PIC) oversees efficient Financial management of the Fund.

Eligible Projects

Projects falling within the functions of the National Government as outlined in the constitution of Kenya will be funded.

Projects that are community based in order to ensure that the prospective benefits are availed to a widespread cross-section of the inhabitants of a particular area.

Ineligible Projects

  • Funds should not be used to finance religious bodies/activities and political bodies/activities.
  • Projects falling within the devolved functions such as water & Health.
  • Projects that are recurrent in nature.
  • Projects benefiting individuals and or small groups of people.
  • Projects involving personal awards whether in cash or kind.

View by clicking on the link below


Roles of Citizens

  • The Constitution of Kenya advocates for community participation in project formulation and implementation for ownership and sustainability.
  • In this regards the NG-CDF expects its implementing agencies to put community at the forefront in the project cycle. The community is therefore expected to:
  1. Participate in open public meetings convened by the Chairperson of the NG-CDFC to deliberate on development matters in the ward and the constituency, to facilitate in prioritization of projects to be submitted to the NG-CDFC.
  2. To participate in project implementation through provision of locally available resources (land, materials, labour or skills) either voluntarily or for pay.
  3.  Participate in nomination and formation of PMCs and NG-CDFC.
  4. To provide feedback to the Board, law enforcement Agencies & to the public on matters concerning the Fund.
  5. Witness the commissioning of projects and issuance of cheques and other disbursements by the constituency committee To takeover & sustain completed projects.

Education Sector

  • NGCDF funding of schools has assisted in increased student enrollment and transition rate from primary to secondary.
  • Reduced the distance travelled by school children to access education by building schools closer to home.
  • NG-CDF Bursary has helped retain students from low income families in schools.

Security Sector

Establishment of police posts, installation of high mast security lights, security officers staff houses and local administration offices has enhanced security network throughout the country therefore:

  • Reducing crime rates
  • Improving the living standards of security officers,
  • bringing services closer to the people
  • Enhancing businesses


Exercising their democratic rights to self-governance, through participation in the process of debating and identifying priority projects to be funded through NG-CDF.


The fund has accelerated the government’s effort of creating employment away from urban centers by engaging local labour, while supporting local entrepreneurs through purchase of services/materials from village suppliers.

Funding of Sports Activities

The fund has encouraged talent development by organizing sports tournaments in different fields leading to reduction of crime rates leading to a productive youth.

Board Members

Mr. Robert N. M. Masese


Mr. joseph Mukui

Alternative Director to Principle Secretary Planning and Statistics

Mr Kennedy Ondieki

Alternative Director to Principle Secretary National Treasury

Ms. Karen Rono

Alternative Director to the Attorney General

Mr. Paul Kibet

Alternative Director to Principle Secretary Ministry of Education Science and Technology

Mr. Abdiaziz Bulle Yarrow


Dr. Isabel Nyambura Waiyaki


Ms. Maria Lekoloto


Hon. Peter Edick O. Anyanga


Mr. George Kasatua Ole Meshuko


Mr. Yusuf Mbuno

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Simon Ndweka

Corporation Secretary